ATI Drivers for 9600XT ??

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8 Jan 2002

Ok here is another thread about what drivers are best for me LOLOL

no what I would like is input on ATI drivers, the pro's the con's and all that jazz ... I am the proud owner of an ATi 9600XT made by ASUS and I am very happy with my new card , my Ti4200 is still running strong on our 2nd gameing rig and I will not ever regret owning that card, I just wanted a new toy to play with and wanted to have the best of both worlds so to speak, so anything at all about what versions of drivers your all using and what problems if any your haveing ??

Example one game that has stopped working for me is Vice City anyone else got any trouble with this?? I can still play the game on my MSI board with my Ti4200 but thats the game that has got me stumped ... I switched over and thats the only problem I am haveing with my new card..

So feel free to comment on ATI drivers and any help will be appreciated :D
Hmm.. weird. I have Vice City (9500 Pro card) and it works just fine for me. Have you tried reinstalling the game?

Also, as for drivers, I would recommend omega drivers. I currently use DNA drivers, but I had fewer problems with the omega drivers.
Yes I uninstalled and reinstalled and still I could not get it to work, I will clean out the reg files and try again also now I have changed the drivers I am using the 3.1's I have read that there the most stable overall I will see what happens now
yeah - the 4.1s (straight ATI) I've found to be the only <new> drivers that seem to be super solid across the board [and Id assume all offshoots of those (Omega, DNA) although I wouldn't personally use them)]... I had some problems rolling back from 4.2s (left some debris), which caused some crap to happen with Vice City.

Used Nastfy (as by suggestion of a fellow ntfs brain) which cleared up all the problems, so if I were to put my suggestion out there, Id go with 4.1s - then again, I don't play all the games that you might, so there could still be problems with those too that I'm oblivious to :eek:
Among the 4.x catalyst drivers, 4.3 has been the most stable for me. I gave away my 9600 pro machine to my sister after getting a 9800 XT because it kept crashing. With drivers other that 4.3, the GPU of the 9600 Pro would keep crashing, and there were times that VPU recover wouldn't be able to reset the processor to restore hardware acceleration.
you shouldn't have a problem playing gta with that card m8...

I have played lots of games with all kinds of driver revisions and the only problem I ever had was with ogl games due to incorrect driver signings... and the little cs bug a while back which was rectified by just rolling back to a previous version... nothing major...

currently running 4.3's... runs sweet here.. :D
Ok well thanks for all the reply's , keep them coming any comments are taken at par and fused into my greymatter lol

I really am enjoying my new ATI have not had one since the 7000 series a couple of years back , sold that one with my computer, ok well as soon as I get a chance I will try a driver cleaning tool and do a fresh reinstall of some drivers and see where we are.

I have not yet formatted this rig and everytime I have ever switched from Nvidia to ATI or other way around I always end up formatting after a few weeks of testing I would rather do all my testing now, find my sweet spots then format and know how I want to set up.

Thanks everyone ;)
Ok well I got vice city working with the 3.1's so for now I am gonna leave that like it is and just enjoy my games everything else is working so I wont bother with any other drivers for now.

Thanks everyone
running 4.2 (could have sworn i updated to 4.3's but panel says 4.2) and I don't have that many games but all work fine ... oh and i'm running a 9600pro.

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