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Ati Demos On Nvidia Cards

Hi all
I heard What those Students Did about the Pixie Demo and Put it on there Ati Cards Which i fort was Unfair to Nvidia, but now i Want Ati Demos On Nvidia Cards, Cos i do like The Monkey Demo if i was To be Totally Honest so is it Possible? or alrdy out there? or any ati Demos that will work on Nvidia Cards 4 that MAtter?
just be patient and you will get one soon..I had the same card for a year(besides TNT 2 ultra) and now I am with the gang. ATi9700pro can be found for $250 now....I really feel your pain :)
ATI Demos

ATI Demos won't run on NVidia cards? Have you tried? I'm curious to know if ATI did the same thing that NVidia tried to do to its competitors. I have an ATI so I wouldn't know.


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AFAIk it would be pretty daft running them on nvidia hardware... basically because ati is running everything @ fp24 precision... ALL the time

the dawn demo and other nvidia demo's appear to all be fp16 hence faster...

in order for nvidia to run the demo on their hardware.. I am supposing the wrapper has to take into account the precision and therefore perhaps increase it to fp32 in order to play it... which would make the speed extremely slow...

that being said a wrapper may also dumb it down to fp16 :)

who knows... we'll have to wait and see what happens...
yea.. i mean.. if you start an ATI Demo and you had an Nvidia card.. wouldnt it still think you had an ATI card installed? Unless it looks for an ATI Code? It may run slow as Sazar may of spotted out because of the fp being higher than the Nvidia.. but it must be worth a go surely?

Give it a go ste

Alex :cool:
Ive Tried the 9700 Pro Bacteria ScreenSaver it says that i dont have an ATi Card which is True and then it just Crashes, and remember alex it did the Same when i Tried the Pixie Demo on my old Geforce 3 and it said i dont have an Fx Series Card.
But Maybe they Might Work on My Fx Series Card Now?

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