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ATI Catalyst Drivers v6.6 Now Available


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Catalyst 6.6 Windows XP - Driver Download

  1. For details on this driver, including resolved issues, please review the RELEASE NOTES.
  2. Installing a new driver is only recommended if you are having issues with your ATI product.
Products Supported:
  • Radeon® X1900 series
  • Radeon® X1800 series
  • Radeon® X1600 series
  • Radeon® X1300 series
  • Radeon® X850 series
  • Radeon® X800 series
  • Radeon® X700 series
  • Radeon® X600 series
  • Radeon® X550 series
  • Radeon® X300 series
  • Radeon® 9800 series
  • Radeon® 9700 series
  • Radeon® 9600 series
  • Radeon® 9650 series
  • Radeon® 9550 series
  • Radeon® 9500 series
NOTE: ATI All-in-Wonder® variants based on the above are also supported.

Not Supported:
  • Radeon® 9250 series
  • Radeon® 9200 series
  • Radeon® 9000 series
  • Radeon® 8500 series
  • Radeon® 7500 series
  • Radeon® 7200 series
  • Radeon® 7000 series
NOTE: ATI All-in-Wonder® variants based on the above are also not supported.

  1. ATI recommends Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher to be installed.
  2. You must have Microsoft .NET Framework installed prior to downloading and installing the Catalyst Control Center
  3. The Catalyst Uninstaller is an optional download. We recommend using this utility to uninstall any previously installed Catalyst drivers prior to installation.
  4. Catalyst Control Center is available in a bundle supporting other languages .
Download: ATI Catalyst Drivers v6.6 | Release Notes


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If I was about to install this, do I need to make sure to uninstall any previous versions, or any drivers for it?
You need to install net framework from MS, the Catalyst control center and the ATI drivers.

Before doing that it sounds like you are switching from Nvidia. You need to THOROUGHLY remove all Nvidia files.
Do the Nvidia file remover and then check ccleaner or Nasty file remover. If you have an nforse board be careful not to delete MB drivers.

After that there is a mob of other applications like WDM, Tv Tuner, etc that you may or may not need depending on your card and interests.


OSNN Veteran Original
Noo noo, I have old 8.23 ATI Drivers, I just have not delt with them before.

I tryed installing these new ones and I had all kinds of problems. My Screen was 4bit color, and wrong resolution and all that, and I could not change it. I had to uninstall it, but then it wouldn't uninstall, so I had to system restore.

Is there a certain way to uninstall these drives and software and then install?
It is supposed to be automatic with the latter versions...

Install MS dotnet framework (required for ATI control center, the older control panel will work without it but then you are into having to manually select install options and files).
Uninstall the older drivers in add/remove programs.
Set your graphics resolution to 800x600 (safety option, just in case)
Power off.
Uninstall the old video card and install the new card.
Boot with new card, say no to the "windows found new hardware" auto install.
Run the ATI 6.6 (6.7, 6.8 whichever you prefer, I like 6.7, 6.8 had a BF2 bug that wasn't worth messing with) install program for the drivers and the catalyst control center.
Set your display to desired resolution.

If that does not work start over but run nfr.exxe (nasty file remover) to really clean out the ATI drivers. ccleaner.exe is also recommended but it has too many options and could cause trouble.

Video drivers are persistent and like to hide and pop up to cause problems after new installs.


OSNN Veteran Original
I tryed to uninstall it before, but I restart and there still there....Should I go to add/remove first, and then the device manager, and then restart...or,..


OSNN Veteran Original
I did all that, and they still don't work.....Can you give me a link to 6.7 version, I am going to try that, but I can't find it anywhere.

*edit found it, installed it, still screwed up..I have to system restore again and be stuck with the older version, which is i think 6.2 or something.
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OSNN Veteran Original
So I don't get it, why am I having this problem?

I have never had problems with Nvidia, and didn't when this first (6.2) drivers were installed, yet that was a clean install of windows too..hmm


OSNN Veteran Original
Well the only reason why I was trying to update anyways is because of a new game that I installed. It would freeze at the same point and crash everytime. I finally found the officail website, and they say its a known problem, and there is a temporary fix untill updates are released.

Thank GOD !!! lol, but the driver updates still should of worked??..

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