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ATI Catalyst 4.12 - problems?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Well I saw the download at the top of the OSNN home and so I decided to take it - but so far not sure I have the drivers in place (see attached). Also cannot bring up the Catalyst Control Centre at all :eek:

At first (as commented to announcement) there was a .NET problem. Since then I donwloaded .NET framework 1.1 and installed that, no longer getting any .NEt errors, but still no control centre and unsure if I have the drivers in properly or not as a result.

What do you all say? Should I take them out and put them back in again? I used the ATI uninstall tool for the first time, it seemed to work - but could that be the problem? All opinions and suggestions gratefully received - the winning wolution gets the reps I guess :p



Debiant by way of Ubuntu
HMMMmmmm rebooted machine and CCC comes up just fine!

Weird, .NET did not ask for a reboot, but maybe there was a dependency? Anyway - looks like it is all present and correct after all.

Wish all problems were that easy to fix!

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