ATI Catalyst 4.1 DNA Drivers


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Well I have been using them for a bit now, there is a noticeable performance increase, however the actual textures don't seem to be as nice and I can see more of the aliasing. As far as stability I've had only minor problems, I had a random crashing problem with the official Cats that came back with the DNA's but had no problem with Omega based Cats. As it is Omega has my favour since I care more about quality than performance.
I saw a comparison recently between Catalyst, DNA and Omega and the DNA's got slaughtered.

They basically said that you should avoid them at all costs, the Omegas came out best with the Catalyst close behind.

Just a FYI.


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I saw a different comparison that had the dna and catalyst as #1 and #2 and the omega's were #3 and not even close to the other 2. I have used all 3 and have so far stuck with the dna

Why not try them all out and see which ones you like better? :)
I've used all three. This is all imho.

Avoid regular Cat's like the plague. They don't give a rats-ass about stability or quality.

Omega's are good. really, really good. So far, I am pleased with them

DNA's. Um... Don't know much about them. Yesterday I installed them, to check them out. So far, I had Jedi Academy crash on me (so far, just once) . First time I've had a game crash (due to vid. probs.) since I ran Cats. (and the blasted 1.6V thing in BIOS.)

This is on a Radeon 9500 Pro, with APG votlage at 1.6V on a P4G8X mobo.


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tbh... I have had only 1 prob with original cats and that was a typo in their .inf file wrt AIW radeon's which was fixed by a patch released the very next week...

I have used the other versions and the omega's and the rest just are not doing it for me :)

there is no difference to me whatsoever performance or stability-wise... the regular cats are stable and have pretty good quality IMO...


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Ditto to what Sazar said. I saw nothing (except maybe a quality drop) with DNA or Omega drivers.

I was very surprised (disappointed) after hearing all the raves about Omega and DNA.

PS Does the 4.2 driver look grainier to anyone else? My BF1942 screens don't seem as smooth as with the 4.1.
tru dat. I haven't noticed much of an improvement over the 4.1's. Then agian, the grainies might be because you use Cat's. :) join the dark side...I mean...use omega's....

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