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7 Jan 2004
A friend of mine has a Radeon 9000 Pro. Is there an option in the ATI drivers that will allow transparency when you click and drag a window, like Nview does for NVIDIA? If not, is there a program that will allow this? He is not wanting to make a window transparent at all times, only when he drags it.
I am not sure m8...

might want to check out the answer @

a lot more ati users there who may have wanted a similar thing and found a way to implement it...
Although I've never used it myself, ATI's Hydravision sounds to be what you're looking for:

"When you select a window and drag to a new location, the window will become translucent. This allows you to see items located behind the window being dragged. Once the mouse button is released (dragging operation stopped) the window becomes opaque."

You can download the software here.

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