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ATI and DirectX 10

That's freaky. I just did a search on ATI or AMD DirectX 10 and couldn't find any articles more recent than July 2006. Early 2007 is the quoted date but that is pretty much past. Next lie would be 1rst Qtr 2007 Followed by H1 2007.

One interesting comment was a recent quote from an AMD head of marketing saying he "didn't expect much demand for DX10 cards until mid 2007". They are letting Nvidia own the market for 6-8 months. A bad move.

So hasn't anyone heard anything new on ATI/AMD?

I'm approaching upgrade time and I want to see some competition!


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The high end nVidia's don't even have usable drivers for Vista yet, so I don't think they are letting nVidia own the market.


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alright - thanks for the info guy... i think im going to wait for ati to make a move before i upgrade my system this year



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I would have to buy a new case if I ever wanted to upgrade to the 8800GTX or the R600. The 8800GTS will fit though.

That's the only reason I thought it was nuts.
intel will be joining in soon. whether they will be competeing in 3d space or just producing discreet versions of their integrated graphics is yet to be made clear to me.


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Last reports from the Intel camp seems to be rumours they may extend the x86 ISA architecture to incorporate those graphics, in a similar manner to what AMD is proposing.


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yesterday i saw an update on the r600 launch date--- apparenty it's not gonna happen till (at least) may

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