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Ati Aiw Radeon 9800 Pro Returnn!!!

im not sure what to do
im thinking of returning my card
getting my money back
i heard on may 4th
ati is coming out with newer cards
x800xt cards?
im thinking if i return it now..thennn the price will go down after the newer cards come out and i can buy it when the price drops..save some money maybe???...anyone got any idea or is there no point in returning it?


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they will debut may 4th... they are unlikely to retail on the same day... probably at least 1 month gap..


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I love my Ati AIW 9800 Pro. Although, I haven't fully utilized it yet. I should have gotten the 9800 Pro just because I'd find more use in the dual monitor support. But I'm definitely going to use the AIW in an HTPC build I'm going to be doing.

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