ATI AIW and modem conflict? Maybe.


Confused and Bewildered
First, I've resolved that I will just have to accept the following situation for now, but if anyone has any ideas, I'll try 'em gladly. Second, I realize the ultimate solution is to get a new videocard, but my upgrade budget is blown!

OK, my hardware config:
Win XP Home
FIC KA6110 m.b. (Ok, this could use an upgrade as well!)
PIII 450
512 mb 133 SDRAM
2 hd 1 cd 1 dvd
Supramax 56i modem
ATI All In Wonder 128 AGP

Problem? Under Win ME I could watch TV and do VCR recording to disk while simultaneously surfing through my dial-up connection. Under XP, if I am web connected and then start TV app, everything freezes (no keyboard or mouse response, screen freezes, no BSOD or messages). If I'm not connected to web, I can watch TV no problem, but as soon as I click on my Internet Connection shortcut and dialing commences, I get same freezeup.

If I'm watching TV and start recording, NP. But as soon as I try to stop recording, me is frozen again (still have TV audio, but video is frozen along with everything else). Only reboots get me out of these situations.

I have installed the latest greatest ATI drivers for XP and followed ATI's installation instructions to the letter. Several times. Of course this should be addressed to ATI tech support but this is probably considered a legacy product now so I'm starting here.

Sounds like modem and TV video are trying to access the same resources, but of course there are no problems according to Device Manager. As i've said this isn't the end of the world but I do enjoy my MULTImedia!

Once, under ME (and while the complete opposite of low), I was able to surf, watch a DVD, listen to a CD, watch TV and play back an AVI all at the same time. Without crashing! Not bad for a 450 PIII, huh?


Hi, would check to see if the AIW card is sharing an interupt. It should be on it's own, usually IRQ 11. Use, start, run, msconfig, check conflicts and sharing, then check IRQ assignment. To force my AIW card to IRQ 11 I change PnP to "NO" in the bios.

Let me know.;)


Sorry, I gave you the wrong info. Go to system infomation, not msconfig, for conflicts and sharing and IRQs.


Confused and Bewildered
Um, I'm confused...where do I go to find this info?

I think Device Manager and then View>Resources by connection?

If so then I show no conflicts. Also no entry for ATI board...

Thanks for tip, maybe I misunderstood.


Sorry for the confusion, I am not at my home machine and I am trying to remember. Go, start, programs, accessories, there should be a pick for "system something" and then pick system information. Once executed pick hardware, there are picks for conflicts and sharing and IRQs, etc. It is not in device manager.


Ok, your almost there, pick IRQs. Look to see what IRQs are shared. From what you are saying you should see that your modem and the AIW card are sharing an IRQ. It will list the IRQ numbers on the left hand side. Attach a screen shot of that table if you like.


Ok, now this doesn't make sense to me. There should be an IRQ assined to the video card. Unless it has something to do with the mobo you have.

You do have AGP selected in your BIOS as the preferred video? You have set your AGP aperature memory to one half of your system RAM? What do you have set for PnP, plug and play, Yes or No? I would suggest you set it to NO. If you set it to NO then the BIOS will assign the interupts. Then look at the interupts again.

Still have a way to go yet on this one. Hopefully we are headed in the right direction. Good learning experience.


Confused and Bewildered
Many thanks for your persistence!

Yes, I had previously set PnP to No in bios and yes, have AGP selected in bios (I think I would have to with an AGP card, no?)

I am unfamiliar with AGP aperature setting. I will check in bios. Is this a recommended setting, though? 1/2 system RAM sounds severe. But I will try it if I have such a setting and report back.


Confused and Bewildered
ok agp 2x was not enabled - but is now
also aperature was at 64mb set it to the max option of 128 mb

No change in system settings screen as of now (still no ATI entry)

After I post this, gonna try to run tv app.

Hope my next post starts with a smiley...


Confused and Bewildered
Oh well, still in the same situation. I have an idea, but have no idea how to implement it:

Is there some app I could run that would create a log such that I could run my TV app and view all the resources used during that process; then I could do the same while doing a dial-up; maybe that way I could pinpoint what it was that's causing this snafu...


Confused and Bewildered
Just as more info, the ATI dvd app runs fine while connected to probably not an overlay problem. (like i even know what that means!)

thanks again


Confused and Bewildered
Just as a followup, I upgraded my mobo last week to a Soyo Dragon Plus, w/a Athlon Xp 1900+ and my ATI 128 works fine now...old motherboard always caused me loads of problems anyway.

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