ATI AIW 9800 Pro multimedia program?

Gary Pandher

OSNN Senior Addict
9 Mar 2004
when i try watching tv on my new 9800 pro i keep getting this error for some reason

AppName: atimmc.exe AppVer: ModName: conexc.dll
ModVer: Offset: 000024bd

anyone know what i can do about this cuz igot no idea
probably because you need the newer MMC application with the new catalysts :)

go there and dl MMC 9.0

I am using it and it works flawlessly with catalyst 4.4
as for the catalyst 4.4 drivers..proper way for installing them? and uninstalling the old drivers?...i've read of you know of it sazar?
a little more info will help... what have you done so far that you are getting no picture?

do you have a cable signal for the coaxial cable to have plugged into the card?

what drivers are you running?
installed the drivers for the card again and restarted
everythings working fine now
thanks for ur help sazar
np :)

enjoy your card... it has lots of features you won't even realise unless you are really into multimedia stuff :D

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