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I was wondering why my ati 9800 pro is showing only a 337 for its Memory speed? when it is listed as 680 on other sites i've looked at. like on newegg when i lookup the same card i have on there it has 380 for the core mem, mine is 378 close enough, and the mem speed is 680, and mine is 337 whats the problem?

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Don't know for sure that's the reason why, but the video card uses DDR (Double Data Rate) memory, so 337*2 is almost equal to 680 ;)
I guess you don't have to worry about this; but wait for another advice ;)


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howling has answered it correctly :D

for marketing it sounds better to have a bigger number so the dd clock rather than the actual clock is put forth..


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I only wish that was the case... :D

/me plans to send emails to AMD and ati for review samples starting in summer :cool:

I'll keep my fingers crossed...

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