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13 Feb 2002
Yep...I started with ATI (a 32 MB DDR card), switched to Nvidia (Asus Ti 4200) a little over a year ago, and I'm heading back.

But I'm looking to get the 9800 AIW card, as I do a lot of video editing and computer animation (hence, I need a card that is good at both graphics and video capabilities). I was just wondering if:

1) This card is worth the hype.

2) If there are any issues (i.e., heat, power, etc.) that I need to be aware of before I buy and install it in my computer. I have an Antec case with a 440 W power supply, if I remember correctly.

3) If there are any better suggestions, if you don't like this card.


1) yes its worth the hype... with the eazyshare setup... on a lan any computer with an ATI vga card can view television if you setup the AIW rig as the server :D

2) you need a rig with around a 300W p.s.u. preferanly namebrand... its a single slot solution so you won't lose any pci slots...

3) there are no other cards out there that match the AIW for performance in gaming as well as the functionality :)

you should be able to pick one up for around the $320 range or so... retail... perhaps a little more.. perhaps a little less... I have been away from computers for a few days now so will have to recoup on info...
Sazar said:
1) yes its worth the hype...

I've been doing my research, and I'm wondering if you know the answer to this possible problem.

I've been reading that a lot of people are having problems with the built-in Macrovision protection on the card. Apparently, it seems to go off even on non-protected media (i.e., home movies), hence making people very frustrated. I'm curious as to whether you have an opinion on this issue.

I haven't had any problems personally with recording and editing info... but I have also not been dealing with many cassettes...

check out in the AIW technical support section for detailed info since there are likely to be people there who have both either experienced or found a workaround for the problem you have brought up..

but like I said... I have not had any problems with editing/transferring a/v from one medium to another on my card thus far...

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