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ATI 9600 NP or NV 4200

someone wants to trade me for my spare ti4200 128mb 8x for an ATI 9600 Np 128mb 8x? is it worth it, i know the 9600 is a slower clock but ?????

anyone got anything to say about it?
What 9600 is it?

9600 XT ........ grab it, better DX9
9600 PRO .......grab it, better DX9 almost as fast as the XT
9600 (plain) ...stay with the 4200
9600 SE ........call him a lying cheater and threaten him with violence

I think this summes it up pretty well. The GE4 may be better for DX8 games but the 9600 PRO and above is better for the new stuff.

Relative benchmarks for last 4 years video card models. Make your own evaluation based on these.

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