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ATI 9250 SE Problems

Hi All

Im Recently usin an ATI 9250 SE (256mb) it was origionaly in my other computer where it showed Texture corruptions, now the card is in mine n is showin the same problems, however both pc's were goin from a geforce card to this ati one, so i was thinkin it was a driver problem, ive used Driver cleaner to get rid of Nvidia drivers but still same problem, n ive also used the omega drivers based on the 4.11, im now usin the 5 drivers from ATI n it hasnt fixed my problem, i dont wanna reformat my pc as the ATI 9250 SE is just a temp fix till i get My FX Card bk from PNY but the ATI Card needs to go bk in the other comp, which im quite relucant to reformat. Can anyone other me any help or suggest what the problem is?

P.S its Same Texture type corruption in most of my games

Look at attachment for example





There is no answer!
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is it just C&C that this corruption happens with or newer games. Try initially adjusting the C&C graphics settings to the minimum. See if that works. Other course of action is to uninstall the ati drivers and install these ones:


This is the 5.1 driver. I know this is probably the one you have, but try anyway. Also try and update all the drivers for the SB live for instance as well. If this all fails go back and install this:


And try the post drivers if this doesn't work till you get one that does or your back to the 5.1v.

Other than all that, you could try moving the SB live card to another slot, it could be interferring. or better yet, just take the SB live card out restart the machine, BEFORE you do any of the above and see if the polygonal defect is gone. Also if you have an onboard video card make sure it is turned off and that all Nvidia drivers are gone. I would also search the Registry (back it up before doing anything), search for Nvidia and delete any entries associated with it. Then restart the machine.

Hope this helps.
Happens with All Installed games being:

Painkiller + Addon Pack
C&C Generals

But doesnt happen with C&C Renegade, it runs fine

As problem happend on both pcs which have totally diff sound cards i dont think its soundcard related.

Any registry programs that are free n easy to use?

Please help



There is no answer!
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just type regedit, in the run command, this will bring the registry edit program up within windows.

To be honest though, it sounds like the graphics card is either not using a new enough shader version or some other outdated chipset that just does not work with the above games, you'll notice all the games it does run on are newly released generals is almost 2yrs or more old now. Thats my opionion anyway. Perhaps it would be better, to leave your registry alone as i don't think you know enough not to do some real damage. and its really easy to do, nothing against you. I'd wait till you get your new v/card back.
have you tryed lowering your memory of the graphices card or get the soft modded ATI drivers they offer all sorts of cool options for your graphics card

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