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Athlon XP ????+



My CPU is an Athlon XP1600+.

From what ive read on other threads the actual speed isnt 1600.

What is the actual speed of my CPU, or how do i find out?

Also how difficult is it to overclock it(like will i have to start taking my computer apart)?

Finally is the Athlon XP1600+ better than the pentium 4 1.6GHZ?


you cpu speed is 1.4ghz, but it runs faster and performs faster then a 1.6ghz p4. This is a fact, and is not disputable. If you want to overclock you are going to have to unlock the mulitplier and increase it, or raise the front side bus. Overclocking is not something you should do unless you are fairly knowledgeable about it. I suggest http://www.overclockers.com this website has a lot of beginners guides and whatnot to explain some basics. Dont overclock unless your confident you can handle it, you could fry your cpu.


AMD may have lower clock frequencies, but their chips can execute more instructions per clock cycle than the Pentium 4, hence the greater performance from the XP.

That's why AMD uses the model numbers instead of clock speed.

According to AMD:

Clock Frequency x IPC = performance

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