Athlon XP or Pentium 4?



hey guys,
i own and Athlon xp 1600+ and it runs really well, and i think its a hell of a lot better then the Pentium 4 ripoffs offerred by intel. Whats your opinion on this?


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My reasons for buying pentium4 1.6
1. Stability my chip never goes over 34c(less stress on other components)
2. If I wanted to I could quite easily overclock the chip(currently running @ 1.8 & there's no difference in the temperature)
3. So far everything I've installed has run sweet(fingers crossed)including a few dodgy copied games that refuse to run on my mates AMD.
4.I'm not a medical expert so I dont know the answer to this question. All this extra fps from the AMD can we really see the difference? are we not limited as to what we can see by our own limited eye sight?

Well thats its from me hope it made some kind of sense.


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Pentium4 Nothwood 1.8Ghz @ 2.4Ghz

Im always the first into a multiplayer game (which is good if you dont want to get auto-team'ed in CS) , applications and XP run superfast, changing themes in less than a second, usually takes about 5 seconds to load. I have a crappy GF2MX PCI but because of the P4, it has out 'FPS'ed a GF2Ultra AGP.

The FINAL battle between AMD and Pentium

Fun to play with,

/me sends of for one in a week!
The AMD and intel argument will never end, it's all opinions and bechmarks don't always tell the story cause they always use different test beds. I use to be a Intel man, then I switched to AMD, but thats just my opinion

Right now i'm just waiting to see performance of the 64 bit processors..AMD is starting to mimic intel in the fact that they've added a heat spreader and such and are now down to .15 micron so the battle should heat up

but It's kinda futile to ask opinions on the processes cause there is no definitive answer.

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