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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ruiner_066, Mar 29, 2003.

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    sup guys? i was just OCing my 2000+ athlong XP & i was wondering, what is a safe temperature, and at what temperatyure should i stop overclocking, or turn it down at?

    ps sorry for grammer im a little drunk
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    i'd definitely stop at 60c idle

    i'd say a safe high temp would be 50~55c under load

    of course there are gonna be alot of differing opinions......
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    im gettin there:p
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    ok, cool, well i have been meaning to get a better heat sink & fan for a using a dragon orb 3 right now & it runs at upper 40's idle & low 50's under load.

    so what's a good cooler if i'm going to be OCing? i dont wanna spend like $200 on water cooling or something =P just something that will keep it cool enough to push it a ways...i was thinkin a volcano9...would that be good?
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    I'm using a volcano 7+ in one of my systems and from what I hear they're better than the 9. One thing I like (aside from the all copper construction) is that the fan has 3 settings (on mine I think some have a dial adjustment(??)) I use the low setting most of the time and I've found it to be as quiet as a vantec aeroflow, w temps @42-46c (remember I'm in cool Seattle). If I want to play and clock it up I just click the switch and will drop to 39c at high setting. I think I paid less than $30us for mine.

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    thermaltake are nice in terms of looks... and their CFM is pretty good...

    but if you want a nice cooler... thats quiet... consider vantec/swiftech adn others... thermaltake is not really that queit... or cool...

    of course this is for air-cooled..

    watercooling is the way to go for even more cooling...

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