Athlon XP 1900+ Heatsink and fan HELP!



Hi, I am getting a Athlon XP 1900+ with the Asus A7V266-E motherboard. I want to get the best Heatsink and fan i can find for around $50. What does everyone here use? I was looking at the Alpha PAL8045 and its quite big.. says i might have to cut a little off the base of the heatsink for it to fit around a transistor on my motherboard.. so i wanna find some other options that are really good.. i wanna try to find the best.. thanks!
- Mike

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Dunno. I hear the Vantec copper one (don't remember the model #) is pretty nice and at that range. The Dragon Orb 3 may do it---if it fits. The Volcano 6 Cu+ is supposed to do a good job too.

I'm eyeing the Vantec myself, but the best cooler review I've seen is over at Dan's Data It covers all the coolers you've heard about and plenty ya didn't know existed.


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I use the Zalman CNPS 3100 Plus, which is a package with a 92 mm fan and a copper flower heatsink. Untraditional design, but very good. Makes almost no sound, and keeps my 1,4 T.Bird very cool! And because of the design of the heatsink, you will not have to worry about it touching the transistors!
Check it out here:


Zalman CNPS 3100 Plus = looks bitching not that great of a cooler from what I have read. All i have to say is Thermalright SK-6. One bad mofo of a heatsink. Small footprint, low profile, lighter than a Dragon ORB 3. It is just damn sweet. Biggest thing is choosing which fan to use on it.

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