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Athlon Temp



I am currently using an Athlon XP 1800+. whats the ideal temperature for it? btw my cooling fan is running at 4000+ RPM. it is the stock AMD fan. i know it may not be a good fan but i am on a budget.

I am also curious.. what is the ideal temp for Athlon too.



what is that in farenheit? mine runs at about 130 F i have 2 case fans 1 ps fan and cpu fan that runs at about 5400 rpm


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You should not be worried if your cpu gets' 52 or 55 , you can set also the pc to power off when reaches a specific temperature .
I saw Athlons at 65 that were working just fine ..


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I have the 1800 running at 1.67

With a thermalright AX7 ($26)
38 cfm 30 dB fan running at 2700 rpm ($12)
1 intake (case front)
1 exhust

** using the via/WPCREDIT cooling Soln Tweak ** ($0)

Current ambient air temp = 28

Case temp = 29
CPU @idle = 30
CPU avg nml load = 30-33
@ Full load (100% CPU) = 42 (4 min)
@ Full load (100% CPU) = 46 (10 min ++)

Highest CPU temp observed:
with Ambien Air temp = 34
CPU @ full load = 48.5

Loudest noise on my computer comes from the little fan on the GF2 card:D


i got the same chip. mine was running @ 145f before i started. i rearranged case fans and got it down to 120f i had 1 intake i exhaust fan for that. then i added a loud mother of a 120mm 131cfm intake and 1 more fan (80mm 50cfm) right next to heatsink and am down to 105.8F which i think is good, however very loud. i just got a water cooling kit to bring not only the temp down but the noicse as well. here is info on the temps for athlon chips



jz1397-5 ----> AMD XP 2000+ (OCed to 1833MHz)

is that as high as you can get it. just wondering here. did u unlock it or play up the speed by going to like 150 instead of 133 or somethin like it


Hi guys, just one quick Q, when you talk about the temp of your machines, do you talk about the system temp or the cpu temp. My cpu temp runs at about %54 degrees and the system at about 43 degrees on a athlon 1700XP. If you are quouting CPU temps them i need to look at the cooling on my system.

256MD ram
40 GB HD
coolermaster copper fan

Thanks in advance
here is what I did in my BIOS to overclock it, (ASUS A7V266-E)
Under Advanced
CPU Speed: Manual
Cpu: System Frequency Multiple: 13.0x
System/PCU Frequency (MHz) 141/35


i realize that but if it is not unlocked then you can change the multiplier all you want it wont make a difference it will still be normal multiplier
I am on an Abit KR7A-Raid..

and my soft menu allows me to change my multiplier--But even though it shows as changed I do not think that it goes above 11.5 (or is it 10.5--I would have to reboot and check). Anyway my cpu is an XP1800 o/c with FSB only. Running wcpuid.exe now shows my processor as XP2000.

ALSO-- When you talk about system and CPU temps you should also give the Ambient air temp so there is some way for you to really compare different temps.

If the air temp is 95 F your cpu is going to be running alot hotter than if the ambient air temp is 70 F. I know that my system runs an average of 2-3 c above whatever the airtemp happens to be.

If any of you can figure out a way to actually change the Multiplier without physicially connecting the bridges on the cpu (Unlocking the CPU) I would sure like to hear about it so I can give it a try.:D
Well as you can see in the picture above, it works. Maybe it was to company I bought it from. But when I look at the CPU, all the bridges look the same as in pictures. Is this a problem?

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