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athlon recomended temps to ease the worry.



amd states, that the normal operating temp for an athlon xp is
between 48c and 58c. so most of you guys dont need to worry,
sure its nice to see 40c or somthing but to be honest your chip could run at 60c nonstop everyday and youd be upgrading your pc before it burns out.....so unless your chip goes over 58c i would leave it alone, you have a better chance of cracking the dye on
the chip, from replacing the fan, than burning it up from heat....


Hi eGoalter....
My cpu temp is currently around 61C when on load. Am i in deep trouble now?? Last time it went up to 70C and caused instability.

My specs:
CPU: XP1800+ mobo: Asus A7V333
HSF: GlobalWin TAK68 Dual fan
RAM: Kingston 256MB DDR333
HDD: Maxtor 40GB
AGP: Asus GF3Ti200 pure.

my casing temp is around 40C. so, do u think the problem lies with the cpu? it dissipates too much heat, isnt it? There are two 80mm chasis fans installed.

Please give me some precious suggestions...thanks.


yes your hurting.

that is too high, but even more so is the mobo temp, 40c is high
u should never let the mobo temp go over 110farenheight. you need to quickly fix or replace the heatsink fan on the cpu, and see if that drops ur mobo temp ifnot, then you need more case fans too.
front bringin air in, and back sucking air out to get the proper airflow....my cpu stays from 49c to 53c, and my mobo temp sits at 29c or 30c.


My Athlon XP 1600+ is overclocked too 1900+ and still runs below 35 Degrees Celcius. Water Cooling Rules!


AMD Athlon XP 1600+ @ 1900+
Asus A7V266
512 MB DDR
Geforce 2 GTS 64 MB
Creative Soundblaster 5.1
Plextor CD Writer 24/10/40
Aopen DVD Player 16/48
Koolance PC2-601 Water Cooled Case
Yeah, i'd like to know a little more about the water cooling too. I have spent not a little time in attaining and maintaining a CPU temp of 40°C and mobo temp of 17°C, but at a price, the four case fans are a little too noisy sometimes!!



Because I am lazy, I just bought a water-cooled case that was already done, and I didn't built my own case. I got the case from Koolance.

It's a full tower, with two pumps in the reservoir located at the bottom of the case, they pump the water through my Graphics Card cooler, my CPU cooler and the heat exchanger located at the top with three additions fans just above. The fans can run at 100 % or 45 % and this makes a lot of difference with the noise coming from the pc.

Here some specs:

Drive Bays: three 5.25", four internal 3.5", two shared external 3.5"

"How many drives can I fit?"

- 3 CD/CDRW/DVD, 6 hard drives
- 3 CD/CDRW/DVD, 5 hard drives, 1 floppy/zip
- 3 CD/CDRW/DVD, 4 hard drives, 2 floppy/zip drives
- 3 CD/CDRW/DVD, 3 hard drives - all liquid-cooled with 2 HD coolers & 1 2nd-HD kit, 1 floppy/zip
- 3 CD/CDRW/DVD, 4 hard drives - all liquid-cooled with 2 HD coolers & 2 2nd-HD kits

(low-profile hard drives and bay adapters may allow even more drives)

Case Size (length x width x height): approximately 18.75" x 8" x 22.5" (47.6cm x 20.3cm x 57.2cm)

Motherboard Sizes (length x width): accepts most boards up to 12" x 13" (30.48cm x 33.02cm)

Case Weight: 30 pounds (13.61kg)

For more information visit:



Well, my AthloxXP 1800 goes to 61c on full load when i set it
to work in the bios on 133Mhz fbs, and then after a while my
comp locks up..

how would you explain this with what AMD states ?


When I was overclocking my computer without it being watercooled, just with a normal fan I noticed that when you did it too high the cpu became to hot and windows xp wouldn't start.

So I think Windows XP also monitors your temperatures.
Either go for liquid cooled, or use a better cooling pasta, or buy a new and improved fan.


Originally posted by Vsync
Well, my AthloxXP 1800 goes to 61c on full load when i set it
to work in the bios on 133Mhz fbs, and then after a while my
comp locks up..

how would you explain this with what AMD states ?

You sure you not overclocking the ram? That will cause lockup also. Does your pc case have a good cooling fan? To much heat generated in case and not removed can cause this problem. The easiest way to solve this is to get a pci slot case cooling fan. No mods needed.

Also some chips on the mobo board will overheat when everything is turned up. If you do not have a heat sink on the mobo chip from factory, that may be whats happening.
I have a via chip mobo, It has no heat sinks on it. and from time to time it does weird things. so i'm gonna try a heat sink and see if it helps. Maybe someone out there has done this and can tell us before I go to the trouble.
I'm a 1600+ as 1900+. I've overclocked everything I can (cpu, ram, vid). My crappy GF2 MX200 is holding me back in terms of higher fsb speeds, I'll have a GF2 Ti soon (which takes out MX200 about 6x so I'll be happy, hopefully a few more fsb to take me to a 2000+)

See sig for temp info etc :)
You can drop your temps..

by utilizing the via/wpcredit cooling tweak which will drop your by 10 c. (constant 100% load temps are not affected though)

Also get yourself a nice thermalright AX7 HSF and 39CFM 30 dB fan to go with it and you will be able to hear yourself think again.

Never again a little 4,500 rpm screamer will I use.

my o/c 1800 never goes above 47 c and is usually around 32 c.

Total cost for AX7 = abt $25:D


I have good air flow inside my case + volcano5 on my cpu.
my memory is not o/c and i have a fan on the chipset.

and i'm certain even with a big real-life fan, blowing on the bomo
when the case is open, the comp will lock-up on 133 fps.

i'm begining to think something is wrong with the cpu itself...


Re: You can drop your temps..

Originally posted by LPDad
by utilizing the via/wpcredit cooling tweak which will drop your by 10 c. (constant 100% load temps are not affected though)
what is this tweak you speak of?

Sgt Shultz

Did anyone mention that if you have a KT266/A chipset your motherboard might be reading the internal diode of the processor? This would cause a true reading of the cpu, not a reading of the air temp in the socket or the temp of the die.

I built a few system recently with this chipset and almost spazed out due to the 57°c temps at idle.

Also if not mentioned before that register hacking "trick" only works on IDLE temps not load temps and if I remeber right was for the kx/kt133/a chipsets. It's somewhere at ViaHardware.com but I can't seem to find it now. I've tried it before with less than stellar results.
Well, Every machine I have used the Cooling registry tweak on..

Has shown a DRAMATIC decrease in temps.

It is True that the tweak does not affect the ultimate high temp your processor will get to when under CONSTANT 100% load, but there are only a few programs I use that kind of processor load.

In any case, try it out, see what it does for your system. It is easy to do, you see the dramatic results IMMEDIATELY, it is FREE, and the tweak is EASILY reversible.
You have nothing to loose. This is supposed to work on both AMD and Intel processors, but in order to use it on Intel you will need to try to find the specific registers to change.
Anyway, if you do a search of these forums you will see where the cooling tweak has been described.

Here is the link: http://www.viahardware.com/haltcooling.shtm

Try it out. I guarantee you will like it. And did I mention it is FREE!!!:D


I have an Athlon XP1600+, cpu runs at 36C under load and the mother board is 21C.
The highest I have ever seen it is 40C (cpu), and it is only fan cooled, nothing fancy needed. :D

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