Athlon 64 FX

Correct me if I'm wrong, but there isn't a FSB on the FX because of the on die memory controller?
CHeck out the last section of the "Intel is in Trouble" thread. Sazar talks abouit it. there.
yah the memory controller is on-die now... so its not quite the same as having it off the die :)

it will be listed as ddr 400 (pc 3200) since that is the highest jedec spec as of now for ddr... ergo memory == 200 mhz (you can use higher but make a64's/fx's are finicky about the ram.. make sure about it before buying.. )
Well, at least you can still control the multiplier. Or whatever it is (can't remember which name)
you can control both the multi, and the FSB, it shows up at 800 MHz in software

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