Athlon 64 Cool n Quiet in action


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12 Apr 2002
and there she is lads... :D

installed latest drivers and what not and lo and behold... it really does drop down to 800mhz when cpu load is minimal :D (ie you only have about 5-6 IE windows and a coupla background apps going)


temps and fan speed are lower now since I turned on cool n quiet fan support as well... had forgotten to do it earlier...


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Sweet :D
The 2.4GHz Northwood in my laptop (desktop CPU) runs at just about the same temperatures when idle, and hits about 58C on a continuous full load.
I am running @ about 30C right now... :D

notice the clock speed... i dont notice a lack of performance @ all in day to day apps...
Of course not, unless I am compiling a program from source in Linux/BSD I can't really tell the difference between a 1GHz and 2GHz. I always laugh when the salemen are talking to someone and the conversation is as follows:

Fool: Well I just want to surf the web and read emails
Sales: OK well I'd suggest a $2000 Dell for that, if you want to play games, go with the $3000 model.
$2000 dell :eek:


my bro works for dell btw :D and their email et al systems start around 500-600 USD for a decent system..

but I was expecting a performance hit when I run the ati tv app plus word n stuff.. but multitasking is just chewed up :)
do all k8 boards have cool-n-quiet or is it a special feature?
no... you have to ensure the mobo supports cool n quiet...

its built into the cpu so you don't have to worry about it there...
So is this "Cool n Quiet" something like SpeedStepping, but for desktop systems?
NetRyder said:
So is this "Cool n Quiet" something like SpeedStepping, but for desktop systems?

a bit like they use in amd's mobile system's but a first for desktops...

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