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Athlon 2400+ temperatures

While idling in win2k, the CPU temperature sits around 58-60 c and m/b sits around 49-52. This does not look good - but i know that Athlon XPs are known to run hot. Is this normal or not?

Also, is it better to run ram at 266mhz (synced with fsb) or 333mhz (not synced)


The Analog Kid
1) if it is a thoroughbred core, it will run hotter than a barton. Although not out of spec, idle temps that high would bother me. I would invest in more/better ventilation. Are you using the stock cooler?

2) I would say it is better to run the ram synced

*edit* If it is a tbred core, you can probably run the mem synced and *IF* you get your temps straightened out, bump the FSB up a bit.
well i got standard cooler (with new heatsink compound i found lying around), one 80mm at the back, one 120mm at the front, so cooling is fairly good id say.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I would be more concerned for your HD's - at 50oC you start to risk destorying them :eek: - check your temp reporting software and see if it reports temps on the HD(s) - mine does and it is worth cross checking against mobo temps, they can vary quite a bit if mobo reports from NB site.

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