Athlon 2000 xp+ safe temp?


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I was wandering what the highest tempreture for an athlon 2000 would be. I've been told that it's around 70c before it melts. Mine is currently running at 60-62c. How can I get the temp down a bit?


From what I understand 60-62 degrees c is perfectly acceptable for an athlon. On that processor you should only worry if it gets up to about 85 or 90.


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depends on if it's a palomino or thoroughbred, too. palomino's generate more heat and, ironically, have a lower threshold.


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Cheers folk's. I desided to hoover the pc out. I took the fan off the heat sink and hoovered the dust out and all the other fans (including the system fan). The cpu temp is now 52-55. Much better. It's a thoroughbred by the way.


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The highest temp limit for most CPUs is around 90C, but as usual, you'll find that if a CPU is over 65C it affects the performance slightly. It's usual to find that most computers run at a temp of anywhere between 35-65C depending on how each individual has configured their system(s).

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