Well, here is my question.

I have XP Pro and sometimes the Atapi driver seems to be left aside when I boot up my computer. Of course, I have notification of this in the Event Viewer. It seems that if I reboot my computer it make it work.

Yesterday the problem was more heavy. I had to reboot my computer 6 times in order to have my Atapi driver working.

What could be the problem here ?

Thanks folks !

XP Pro
Asus A7V 133
Amd Athlon 1.333
Maxtor 30 Gig, 7200 rpm
256 Meg sdram
Nvidia TNT 2
Sound Blaster Live
The best thing to do is look for an updated ATAPI driver from your CD-rom manufacturer


Remove your CD drives in device manager - Reboot - and let windows detect and install the drivers again
Hi Zman,

I did a clean installation and I'll wait to see if the problem will be back.

Someone told me that the problem could be created by Nero. It seems that everybody is working with EZCD but I tried it and it was not working well on my machine. I installed it with the 2 patches carefully following the instructions that I had and I was still having problem. I installed Nero and every once in awhile I'm having problems.

Thanks for your suggestion and I'll keep you posted on that.

Take care...

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