ATAPI Incompatiable? ? ?


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whenever i hook up my harddrive to my computer and turn it on when it detects hardware i get "ATAPI Incompatiable" error. Anyone know why this is?:huh:


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ATAPI Incomptible error

whenever i hook up my second harddrive on my comp and power up the pc it says "ATAPI Incompatible"..Press F1 to continue and when windows loads theres no sign of a second HDD

any1 know why this is happening?


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What is your answer to the question? If it's a (fairly) new drive, then it's maybe time to check the cable or IDE-port. Do you hook it up to it's own IDE-port or is it shared (on a single cable from a single port) with a CD-ROM, ZIP, HD etc? Also, check the jumper settings, is it set to master/slave? You'll be suprised how many people set two master disks on one cable.


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its set as a slave drive along with my master, 1 cd drive and 1 floppy. its a fairly old hdd 9GB (using for backup)


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when i turn my computer on, when it detects hardware.

the harddrive was in use a few months ago in another computer but i took it out and want it in mine for backup


You are absolutely sure the jumpers are set correctly on both drives? Master with slave present ::|:: >slave :::|: (WD drives).
Is it possible that he could be looking at the harddrive jumper pins upside down? Its possible that the correct setting to us would be :::|: but if its looked at upside down, it would be :|:::

just to check... when you hold the hdd horizontally and look at the jumpers, is the sticker on the hdd facing the ceiling or the floor?


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there aint no sticker for the settings it says;

Single: none or 4 to 6
Master: 5 to 6
Slave: 3 to 4
Cable Select : 1 to 2

and the jumper setting is on 3-4
no no, you dont seem to get what i mean...

i mean when you have the hdd in your hand, is the sticker on the top of the harddrive telling you what make it is etc... is it facing up or down?
sometimes the jumpers are intended to be the way they are if the hdd is the other way around i.e. the sticker facing down.

i dont know the harddrive to know if that could be the problem or not - but its something to look into


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I read your post on Ntl hell;) but i thought i would reply here.

Have you tried new IDE cables yet try using both a 40 and an 80 cable ?.

Also a single hard drive on each cable...removing your cd-roms...just to see if it will boot.

Bios flash (last resort)?.

Clear your cmos by either using the cmos jumper on the motherboard or removing the battery for a few mins then set your bios back to default...on first boot.

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