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ata raid card aint detect hdd


i have this ata raid card for my 2 hdd but this morning, it does not detect the hdd. all i have to do is shut down the pc [by pressing the power button] then wait a few seconds then i powered it back on and it manages to detect the hdd. Why this is happening?

running a

amd athlon xp 2600+
1024 MB Dual DDR 333 (2x512)
abit nf7 mobo
80gb wd hdd
40gb maxtor hdd
sb live audigy
ata raid card 133MHz
64mb gf2mx400
Well it's either the hdd or the card going bananas. I suggest you make backups if you can.

Since you don't seem to be running RAID you could plug the secondary hdd into your regular IDE instead and see if the problem persists.

Why do you have a RAID card btw? Three optical drives?
With that many devices...how big is the PSU?
You'll need to be running higher than a standard 350W job
with that little lot in tow m8 ;)
Disconnect the optical drives to see if it might be a PSU problem, connect the hdd to the mobo IDE connector to see if it's a card or hdd problem.
hmmm... sounds awfully like my Quantum drive... I got the new mobo, cpu, ram etc and built the PC that day. Used it the next day without a problem. The next day, I turned the PC on and it didnt detect the main HDD (but it did detect the second HDD). The day after this happening, I bought a new 80Gb Maxtor HDD thinking the 30Gb Quantum was dead. I was just about to install the new drive and thought "I'll check the PC first just in case"... It booted fine - HDD was detected ok. Replaced it anyway and I now have the HDD on the onboard ata/raid controller working ok (touch wood lol). No idea why it didnt work that one day, seems really strange, but perhaps its just one of those things...

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