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ATA/133 RAID Controller

Goodevening everyone,

I bought an ATA/133 Raid Controller today and ive placed it in a PCI slot and loaded on my PC and it detected it fine and installed all the drivers it needed

I then turned off my PC, and placed my Western Digital 120GB 5400RPM Hard Drive in the primary IDE slot and then turned on the computer once again. It then came up with a new BIOS containing the contents of the ATA IDE Slots... showing me where my hard drive has been placed into.

Now.. This screen does not go away. It does not continue to load up windows. It just sits there and does nothing at all. No loading noises or anything like that. When i take out the Hard Drive from the ATA, the computer loads up perfectly and passes the ATA BIOS screen

Whats wrong with it? What have i done wrong? Ive installed the new drivers to see if that helps but it didnt

I really need your help guys and i appreciate all your time and help
Thank you

Sincerly Alex :(


NTFS Stoner
it may want to create a fake raid as i see some cards insisting on doing, an asus board i worked on configged the single drive as raid 0 to run...

(the TX2 cards dont do that)
well if its that £20 one from maplins, i have no idea. never had to set that up. mine picks up any number of drives and then boots windows, without having to set anything up. try playing with the drives jumper settings, master/slave & cable select.
i tried to move the cables and jumpers around and that didnt help. I also moved around PCI Slots to see if that made any difference.. no luck :(

One last attempt before i take it back? any ideas anyone?


Smokin & Jokin
I have onboard RAID and found it unstable so I splashed £30
in PC World and got meself an IDE/133 controller.
Loads faster, reliable and can hold any IDE device, unlike RAID
which can only hold HDDs.

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