AT&T Wireless Cell Phone Warranty is Bad.



I bought a Motorola V60t cell phone from AT&T Wireless. I found out that the datebook was buggy. The meetings and special dates I enter into the cell phone was popping up at the wrong time and date. I contacted Motorola about this and they said they where aware of this and a fix would be out in a couple of months.
When the fix was released I contacted AT&T and asked for the fix. They said they would send my a used replacement and that I needed to send them $10 for shipping and handling. I did this and 10 days later I got my refurbished cell phone. The cell phone had the new firmware fix installed but the backlight on the cell phone didn't work. I call again and had another cell phone sent to me. I had to wait another 10 days. Now I have a cell phone that has the datebook problem again. I called and asked for a new cell phone and they said NO! I am waiting for another refurbished cell phone that might or might not work correctly.

AT&T should have replaced my cell phone with a current phone but would not. I said they should give me a V60i model and they said it would cost me $150. And they told me that if I cancel my wireless service I would be fined $150 for early termination.

Use someone other then AT&T Wireless.
They don't care about their customers.

As soon as my contract is up I'm leaving them for good.
I recommend that others do the same.