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Asus Probe says 12+ Volt is out of thresh hold? Why?



Hi, my Asus Probe says that my 12 Volt is out of threshhold. Here is a pic of asus probe.. why is it out of threshold? What voltage is this? Is it bad? And how can i fix it?

- Mike
As long as things work it's ok. Could be a sensor fault. My monitor program says my 3.3V is at 3.02V. That's really bad, but there are no ill effects, so I'm guessing it's the sensor. They're not top notch if you know what I mean. ;)


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Check with a multimeter that you are getting between 11.5 and 12.5 V or you might be needing a new psu. Mine did this on the 5V line and after a week started blowing smoke!:eek:


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if your 12v is really at 13.4 volts, you have a major issue! anything more than 15% out of spec is a major issue. but zedric has a good point about the sensors, so i would get a voltage tester and hook it up to your 12v line to make sure. to do this, get one of the drive power connectors that has a yellow, red, and two black wires. place the positive (red) probe in the yellow end and the negative (black) probe in the black end next to the yellow.

i went ahead and made a diagram for you...

again, i stress that if any of your voltages are out of spec by 10% or more, then you could seriously damage components on your comp.


Yes, I think you should test your supply with a multimeter.

Taurus - Going by your diagram he would measure it as 24 volts :D
Black is ground.

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this is aprob with your voltage regulators as they r getting hot or of poor quality as it is the 12v line thyre should be no problem as these are power hungry peripherals and most likely these have voltage regulators if it was a prob with you 5 v or 3.3 then id have it checked out micro electronics dont like high voltage
Yep, black is ground. They're acctually connected inside the socket and in the PSU so there's not real point in having two...

Except maybe for reducing overall cable resistance of course. :)

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