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ASUS PC Probe : 12v is at 13.3v!!!



Hey, I have a question concerning my power supply and my motherboard. I have an ASUS A7V333/raid and a 300w P4 ATX power supply. Every time I start my computer, in my BIOS and in ASUS Probe, I am told that my "12 V is out of threshold". It keeps on blinking (13.1) to (13.5). When I went and asked some dude at some computer store, he told me that it might be my power supply. But when I went to the actual store that I bought my power supply, they told me that it was probably my motherboard and that I should contact ASUS. I don't know who to believe. Also, ASUS PROBE tells me that my "+5V , +3.3V , and VCORE" are all O.K. (within threshold) What could be causing the +12V to be out of threshold and how can I fix it???

I plan on adding some water cooling sometime in the future. So should I just add more powerful power supply and forget about it the one I have???



I had same prob with a7v333 board i bought other day i had already updated bios as it easy with new programme and no dos needed but i still got the exact same as you but im a lot better now i downloaded the latest update probe from asus site(its always down and hard to find link,so type pPROBE in search)make sure its the highest number cant remmember exact but there is a defalt one and a pentium dedicated one with P4 next to it.
It is newer than link to probe download on this site,a link to which i can get too.


thx but...

thx, i'll check out the update,
but is it normal for the +12v to be at +13.3???


I am running my system on a 300W power supply unit. Attached is the pic of the voltage readings when idle.

The 5V and 3.3V never reach their expected status. And 12V exceeds a bit. The Asus Probe is V2.17.0.1.

Is my psu stable? Would u use such psu? is it causing any damages?

My specs:
CPU: XP1800+ (1.533GHz)
mobo: Asus A7V333 w/o raid
HSF: GlobalWin TAK68 Dual fan
RAM: Kingston 256MB DDR333
HDD: Maxtor 40GB ATA 133
AGP: Asus GF3Ti200 pure.


hardware monkey
Originally posted by Pin
Is my psu stable? Would u use such psu? is it causing any damages?
those readings are acceptable. just figure as long as none of them go out of range by about 7%, then you're okay. yours are all within 4% of their specs.



I have same motherboard and power supply as you.
Just update to the probe version the others are telling you to and it will be solved,i woudnt use the one linked on this site as it seems a newer higher number than one on asus's site,i would stick with the correct one for your cpu as somm probes on site seem to be listed as P4 then a serial number.
I know the site is hard to navigate as it mostly down.
I came across this before.. a 300w "average PSU" ain't got the balls to run a chip like the 2100+... a 350W is minimum specs in reality, and 400W PSU's are cheap.

The 12 V line is overworked pumping the ampage, forcing its voltage to 13 and above, like mine used to be. my 3.3 & 5v rails could never cope and undervolted as the 12v was stressed.

Invest in some decent ampage and your voltage will stabalise.

If you overwork your 300W and it packs in, you stand a 50% chance of wiping out most of the major componants in the PC..

Would be a shame to screw up that piece of kit becasue the PSU can't cope.

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