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ASUS P5E3 Motherboard question


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Hi guys :). Now that Nvidia has announced they will allow SLI on new Intel chipsets I was wondering if this board will get one of those updates in the bios in a future rev. Lets say I buy it now do you think Asus will send an update to allow SLI? Here's the mobo in question [X48 chipset]



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i honestly think it DOESN'T look that nice. well... i mean it LOOKS nice.... but i'd hate to be working with it. seriously... can you imagine how much of a pain it could quite easily be to have to attach a cooler to that with the heatsinks surrounding the CPU like that? Also probably limits what coolers you can use.


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I see your point Elemental Dragon. You know Zalman just released the CNPS9300 cpu cooler and it got great marks from maximum PC. Should fit nicely in there. The only problem is this cooler requires you to remove your mobo to set it up.
From experience I'll tell you that the Asus boards with the heatsinks all the way around the CPU do make things a little more risky/trickier when buying the cooler, that's for sure - I've got Zalman CNPS9700-NT in my Rampage and I had to slightly "move" some of the heatsinks and put the fan in 90 degrees out of its "ideal" position :p ooooh well, it works pretty damn sexfully.

No idea about the previous intel chips accepting SLi in later bios revisions, but if you find out - let me know, would be an interesting one
Hmmm.. Not without disturbing the case, I'll sort one tomorrow if I've time - the pics I have at the moment don't show the cooler/mobo relationship :p


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Terrahertz: yeah... they did release a CNPS9300.... but i don't think a cooler that apparently has trouble getting a Core 2 Duo E8400 clocked at 3Ghz below 50c at idle is worth it.
Yeah - you've got to remove the mobo, but it'd be worth it :p I'll get that pic tonight.. it's worth seeing how snug it is in there, if I can keep a steady hand

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