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Asus or Epox?

About to pull the trigger on an mobo upgrade and just trying to decide between an Asus A8N-E mobo and an Epox 9NPA+.

I'm not looking for sli and dont plan on overclocking much, if at all. I mainly want stable performance and good speed.

Any compelling reason to go one or the other?

I've had both Asus and Epox mobos in past and had good experiences with both, so hard for me to decide.

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I agree with with Kush trackrat and BMan, ASUS.

When my mobo died, I went to asus, for half the price of my first board I got a crapload more features (Dual Channel, Soundstrorm OnBoard, nForce Chipset. Mostly things the first board didn't have or had crappy versions of.)

This board (see sig) is much better then the Gigabyte one I originally got.


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Epox? isn't that a disease...

i'd say Asus. That's going to be my next choice, i've always gone with Gigabyte, and they are great, but i just feel like a change. And i hear nothing but good things about Anus.


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the only complaint I'd have to put in, which in the end really dosen't matter is there website is crap, always slow and having problems.

Asus otherwise is one of the best.


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I've an Epox mobo and it's good for a relatively cheap piece of kit, no problems but if you want a slightly better board with a few more features then go for asus.
EPOX is ok. It will not have the features and overclock functions of an ASUS. Since ASUS has a line of "low end" MB's now they have good pricing too.

Epox has 1394 firewire built in (supposedly firewire is dieing out), an extra pci-e 1x slot, a comm port (haven't used one of those in 6 years).

The price difference is small (a few $) go for the ASUS.

If you want stable and inexpensive you could look at Gigabyte also.
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