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Asus Geforce 2 Windows XP Problems



I just installed Windows XP Professional and XP automatically attempted to install a driver for my geforce 2 mx but it always failed, i installed the new XP detonator drivers and this also didn't work.
When i check my display adaptor properties there is no
Geforece 2 shown.
Also the xp device manager shows that my geforce2 is a PCI card when it's actually a AGP card.
(My graphics card is an Asus V7100 MX/400 Pro, there is no xp drivers for this card at the Asus site)
Any help would be greatly appreciated.




XP seems to have a problem with this card using it's drivers.. use the official Nvidia drivers..


I've tried the officail nvidia drivers but it still doesn't work.
I don't believe that my card is dead like yours Narcissus because it works fine with Win98.

If anyone has anymore suggestions on how to fix this problem it would be greatly appreciated.


My Asus cd came with GART drivers for intel AGP chipsets but they are for Win98 not WinXP.

Could the problem be that my card runs 2X AGP instead of 4X AGP because my motherboard only runs 2X AGP?
If I am correct, I do not think having your card run at 2x instead of 4x would cause your problems. I suggest trying to find an updated winXP AGP mobo driver for your chipset. I cannot think of any other reason why it shouldn't work, especially since it worked in 98.

I don't know how you installed your drivers, but try removing the old ones first: Go to "Add/Remove Programs" and find the Nvidia drivers and uninstall them. Reboot. When winXp says it found new hardware, just point the driver wizard to where the new drivers are (you'll have to extract them before hand).

I'm sure there will be people who will post saying that's not the right way to do it, that you should go through device manager. But, this way has always worked fine for me.

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