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Asus G2S-A1 Laptop Windows 7 64bit Drivers

I'm still trying to get everything recognized properly in Windows 7 64bit.

The Bluetooth, ICH8M LPC, and LCD are not recognized and I cannot find any fix that works.
I've tried quite a few different methods for drivers but nothing yet.
Aside from that, most major hardware works fine.

Anyone with this laptop that has done the work yet to get everything working?


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I recently upgraded an Asus F9 to Windows 7x64. Most drivers are located on the Asus member site. The ones that were not I had to go to the manufacturer's site with the exact model number of the hardware to be installed. For example, the Bluetooth chip for mine was made by CSR, and HD audio was made by Realtek. A few things (WLAN LED, sound in and out) are still not working, but the difference in speed and stability over Vista makes it all worth it.

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