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Asus A8V deluxe speaks 'CPU Failure'


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Hello All,

To my dismay and my relief for having a backup PC i'm back on my trusty AOPen AK77 ProA. Leaked capacitors and all!!

I upgraded to a new mobo (A8V) and Athlon 64 3000+ a couple weeks ago. The computer would start automatically when I turned on the power stupply. The power button seemed optional.. That was the first strange thing. So yesterday I had the case open to install a cooling vent in the case and accidentally dropped a thumb screw that touched the bottom of the mobo. The computer started by itself, I turned it off and after that no POST. I tried clearing the CMOS, battery, etc. The mobo speaks and says 'System Failed CPU test' over and over. I can see my mobo being hooped but could the CPU really be fried? *sigh* Any wisdom would be much appreciated.



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First thing... turn off the PC by the PSU switch, unplug your machine from wall (or cord from back of the pc) then press the power button on the front of the CPU... this will help discharge any left over juice in the capacitors as the board tries to use up any volts left stored by the caps... (you shoud do this anytime you plan on working inside your PC) next do the same steps you already did.

lastly, if you fried your cpu, then its likely you fried something else...

I did that once, by not using big enough spacers, and a very long solder joint kept touching the side of the chassis every time I tried to stand up the CPU, the solder joint would ground out, and it eventually fired something on the mobo...

NOW, not to worry... so long as you dont disclose exactly how this happened... you can take it back, and tell them it wouldnt work, and if you still have a warranty... then they have to replace your cpu or mobo, or both...

This is of course a moral dilemna, and while some people couldnt do it, I can and have, the thing to remember is that most manufactured PC parts come off assembly lines where they are onyl tested for powering up, sometimes not even that, as much as 20% of the first generation of that product can be bad...

In short, tell them it didnt work, they will give you another, and everyone is happy...

Or, you can tell them you dropped a screw in it, and it didnt work, I would go for plan "A"...

EDIT: also you could tell them how it would just power on by itself and that could help too...
if the case is new, it could be a bad power switch...


OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks for your reply mlakrid - no moral dillema for me if I can turn this 'hiccup' into lost time and shipping costs instead of a $400 mistake. I'm going to pay a half hour of labour for someone to test if it's the mobo / proc or both. Silly me threw out the proc box but at least I kept the little plastic holder.

"One Post Wonder" - hehe funny

All this to cool my non-overclocked proc a couple degrees.. sheesh!!


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