Asus A7V333, and USB 2.0 Questions


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24 Dec 2001
Hey guys,

I'm just curious about a few things having to do with USB.

Firstly, How do I know on my Asus A7V333 motherboard, which ports are the USB 2.0? I just looked up the specs, and it says that there is 2 USB 2.0 Ports, 2 USB 1.1 ports, and a connector for 2 USB 2.0/1.1 ports, which I assume is the PCI Cover Ports.

Secondly, are there any programs that can accurately test the speed of a USB port, to tell you if it's 1.1 or 2.0?

Thirdly, will things from an SD Card copy as fast for USb 2.0, or am I limited by the card?

I recently obtained my MicroSD card for my phone, and with the adapter for SD I have been trying to copy things to it. Currently on my home computer, which my printer has an SD Card reader, I have it copying about 3gb of music to this card... but it's taking about 215 minutes. I don't know if it's the printer, or the port it's connected to. Windows isn't giving me a message about a USB 1.1 port, so I don't know what else to do.


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24 Dec 2001
Apparently I believe I'm now being limited by the actual card itself, if not the reader that I'm utilizing. I see that SD cards have their own transfer rates, some 6mb/s, some 10mb/s, some even 20mb/s. I went back to the item link for the one I purchased, and it says that it's max 10mb/s...

To me that sounds awesome! Problem is though, why is it taking like 20 seconds to do one song? As a test I ran, I'm transferring about 426mb of music from my computer, through a USB 2.0 port, through my printer's onboard reader, to the card.

426mb should be about 42 seconds... not 30 minutes. So the real question:

1) Is there any way to accurately see how fast my SD card is supposed to transfer at?

2) The card reader is part of an Epson Stylus CX7000F Printer... is there a way to test the reader on that, or to know how much max the reader can dish out to my card?


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8 May 2002
here's the only solution i can think of right now...

go into device manager > open up "Universal Serial Bus Controllers"

there should be a "Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller" and another that i think won't include "Enhanced". enhanced = USB 2.0.

right click on one > go to properties > "Advance" tab

there will be a list of devices connected to that controller. plug a device into a port and see which controller it pops up on.

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