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ASUS A7V333 and RAID 0



Ok, i seem to be having problems setting up a raid 0 array. I have 2 identical Maxtor 40gb dma133 7200rpm hard-drives.

These is the proccess that i went through:

1. Formated both drives.

2. Connected them to promise controllers(one per cable).

3. Sucessfully set them up in a raid 0 array (at least it says its funtional).

4. Start windows XP installation (pressing f6 to install third party raid driver)

Once i get to the point where setup asks me for the drive to install WinXp on, it shows the raid array as 2 seperate drives.

WHAT DID I DO WRONG??? this is the first time i have used raid, so i don't know. What bios setting must i change???

BTW: the hard-drives are not detected at startup, they are detected by the MBFASTtrack bios.


hardware monkey
seems like it should work. but since it doesn't...

run fdisk. put your own partition on the array. it'll be fat32, but xp install should see it as one big drive for sure at that point and you can have it convert to ntfs if you like.


hardware monkey
that's what he was doing. windows installation wil partition and format the drive for you. but it saw them as 2 seperate drives even though he had them in an array.


It works!!!

Ok, i am currently running xp on raid 0 array and its amazing, i keep all my important files on another computer...

Anyway, the problem was that once i combined the drives, they where both still under seperate partitions.

I ran fdisk, deleted both partitions each using 50% of entire drive and made a partition that used entire array.

Then i ran xp-install and it worked...

btw: sry for confusion, xp detected 2 things on 1(array). they where partioned space and unpartitioned space. NOT 2 different drives.

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