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ASUS A7V333 and onboard C-Media sound



Hi all,

' just put together a new PC based on this board. I've got a couple of questions about the onboard sound:

(By-the-way I'm running the v1015 BIOS. I think there's a new one out, but it's a Beta at the moment - I'd rather wait until a final verision comes out than flash my board with a Beta of the BIOS. Also I got an updated driver for the sound chip off of Windows Update, so I think I'm running the latest official release)

1. The C-Media chip(set) seems to work fine, except for the first second or so. It sounds fine when listening to a long track etc.. but whenever it does a system 'beep' or whatever, it seems to crackle a bit. Has anyone else experienced this, and has anyone found a way of stopping it?

2. I'm thinking about getting a slightly better sound card some time in the future. Has anyone found a way of disabling the onboard sound? I've seen a couple of reviews saying this isn't possible at the moment from the BIOS - and it doesn't seem to be.

Thanks for any tips everyone.

cheers, mcdruid.

PS. I'm, not religous, but a prayer, or whatever your equivalent is, goes out to the astronauts on Colombia & their families. I'm a bit of a cynic about the moon landings and all that, but the shuttle crews truly are the vanguard of the human race, and I admire them a lot.

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