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16 Jan 2004
Hi all.

I've recently acquired an Asus A7V266-E mobo so I wanted to swap it with the MSI 6380 currently in my case, just to experiment. Problem is that the system absolutely refuses to boot up. Here are the hardware specs I installed on the board.

Athlon xp 1800 cpu w/Thermaltake Volcano 9 heatsink and fan.
512 megs pc2100 ddr ram
Ati radeon 9700 All in Wonder agp card
350 watt psu
Onboard Sound (not quite familiar with that one yet)

All this worked fine on the MSI board. Now, on the Asus : I set the dip switches to jumper free mode and ensured the case speaker was hooked up. When power is applied, the green onboard led lights up so there is power going to the board but the switch on the front of the case has no effect, no fan or anything else comes on. I've tried resetting the cmos but still nothing.

Any suggestions ?
I used to have that board, running an athlon 1.0ghz Thunderbird processor. I had to flash the bios so that it would work with my 2100+ Thoroughbred...make sure it has the latest bios...that may be the problem
Is the power switch cable connected to the right jumpers?
Is the cpu fan cable connected to the right header?(Mobo won't boot if it doesn't see the fan spinning)
Unplug the hard disks? (I had this sort of problem when an IDE cable was plugged in the wrong way round)

Thanks for the quick responses but I figured it out after taking another look at the manual. Seems that the person I bought the board from didn't know to remove the jumper and leave it off after clearing the cmos !!! Working like a charm now and glad to see it didn't fry the mobo. :)

Thanks again.
Duh !!!

Just realized that it wasn't the guy who sold me the board, I cleared the cmos and left the thing on. Duhhh !!!

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