ASUS A7N8X (NForce2) question



Okay, so I really really really like this board, but does any one know how well it performs? I've got two sticks of crucial pc2700, so I could use the dual DDR. I really want it because I'm wanting to upgrade my processor when the bartons come out. This board is packed with features and costs the same as the board I have now (cause I got it locally) and has all kinds of cool features. Waddya think guys? Worth 155.00? I don't really care about the performance right now, I'm just looking for upgradablility..or wait..should I just hold off and wait for the Clawhammer? many decisions...


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leadtek and chaintec nforce2 mobo's have better performance... check out toms hardware guide for detailed specs et al... and check out google for reviews as well...

off to work.. will post links if you still need em when I come back


Yea, I saw that they had better performance, but I'm a bit worried about quality and such...the ASUS is just so jam packed with features tho..
They are the fastest Socket A boards available. I'd go for the Asus. Just remember to get that speed, u need to use the dual channel DDR, that means you need to buy two identical sticks of RAM.


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yeah, i saw tom's review of the 3 boards a while back... and even though the asus wasn't exactly the fastest, it had the most features and most bios options. besides, when we're talking about speed, the asus was like half a percent slower than the other 2 or something... negligible.

hell yes it's worth $155. it's one of the best boards available anywhere. especially since you got the perfect ram right there. but it won't be long before other manufacturers come out with their own nforce2 boards; msi, abit, gigabyte, etc.. though some might be a little better, none of them will blow the asus out of the water or anything.. it's a good board from a good company.

plus that whole clawhammer thing... i dunno, buddy. therein lies the struggle of a computer geek. }:>