Asus A7N8X Faulty Batteries?


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"I know many people are having trouble with the A7N8X failing to boot after working in the bios. Last time that happened to me, I unplugged the power cord, removed the battery, cleared the bios with the jumper, then I replaced the old battery with a new battery.

Since that time, I have experienced complete stability and I have entered the bios many times to test it. Its only been a couple of days, but so far so good.

Anyway, just a thought on one potential solution -- it could be a faulty battery."

How many of you have heard of this? I guess I don't understand where you would know if you have had this problem or not. Would you have it by merely changing BIOS settings or by flashing your BIOS? I haven't flashed this board with any new BIOS versions yet, so the last thing I would need is to ruin my board. :huh:

So can anyone clarify what this is exactly?



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Had the same too

Many Motherboards i have installed recently have had the Exact same problem....not remembering the bios settings~ errors in windows~various bios warnings at random took me a while to sort it out the first time as you do not expect new motherboards to come with either dead or low power batteries. This problem is not specific to Asus as this has happend when using Epox~ECS~Gigabyte boards over the past year or 2...i now carry spare batteries with me on any job and replace with new on any system built...(a happy customer = less hassle for me).

Edit...the cmos jumper is always set on clear so not sure how the batteries end up dying before installation or use?.


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So, if I had this problem with my board, I should have noticed it by now? I have had this board for two months, and, while I haven't flashed the BIOS on it yet, I have changed settings.


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i thought the battery was there to retain settings when the pc was off, and when it was on it was powered from the power.
so flashing the bios would not drain the battery.

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