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Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe & RAM Type???

I recently purchased the above mentioned board and its rock solid and does perform very well. However, I am sure I am missing some performance as I am using my old RAM still and as it boots it says 133 mode or something. I can't quite remember the message as I make this post.

Can anyone recommend what RAM I should use?

I am not an overclocker or requiring ultimate performace but as I said I am sure I am able to obtain a performance gain with newer, better RAM.
dreamliner77 said:
FSB should be 2x166 for the barton core (333).

What kind of ram are you currently using?
You need at least PC2700 (333).
At boot up it says...

Memory Frequency at 133MHz, Single Channel Mode

I went into the BIOS to see if I could change the FSB to what you said it should be and I did not see such a setting.

If anyone who has this board or more suggestions please advise me?

Yes, I am using PC2700


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According to the ASUS site is says that you could use up to PC3200 non-ECC DDR SDRAM memory. Minimum is PC1600.

- 3 x 184-pin DIMM Sockets support max. 3GB PC3200/PC2700/PC2100/PC1600 non-ECC DDR SDRAM memory
- Dual Channel Memory Architecture
ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe specification page

Dual-Channel DDR400 Support
The 128-bit TwinBank DDR Memory architecture doubles the DDR 400 (PC3200) bandwidth. System bottlenecks are eliminated with balanced architecture and peak bandwidth up to 6.4GB/s.
ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe overview page

Sooo, if ya want some more get-up 'n go, ya could go and get some PC3200 Mem Sticks.

Just don't mix them with what ya got now 'cause the speed of yer Memory is dictated by the slowest one.

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