Asus A7n8X Deluxe and SATA as Boot Drive


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17 Jan 2004
OK I have an important question. When I first built my computer last year I tried to use a SATA drive as the primary but the SATA Controller in my Asus A7N8X Deluxe v2 motherboard did not recognize the drive. During the windows XP install it prompt me to install the 3rd party drivers and I could not continue otherwise. I do not have a floppy installed so I need to have my motherboard recognize the drive. This was back with the BIOS was at v 1005. Now I have the newest, 1008_D. When you flash upgrade the BIOS you are also upgrading the SATA controller.

I am getting mixed answers. Does anyone know from experince/for sure, can I install a SATA HD as the primary (C: ) without installing 3rd party drivers?
you need to install 3rd party drivers unless you have an sp1 or sp2 integrated edition of windows xp.
I have slipstreamed SP2 in XP. Last time I checked a few months ago, Windows was still prompting me to install 3rd party drivers. How do you know this will work, from experience?
I've seen it happen infront of me :)

My dad was setting up an xp box on sata, just popped te cd in and away windows went.
OK as far as the boot order in the BIOS, these are the options I have:


There's no SATA option. It would be SCSI right? I remember selecting SCSI, then trying to install XP and it still did not recognize the drive.
Yes, scsi would be sata. What you need to do is make a slipstream xp install cd that has your sata drivers added in. nLite is the program I prefer to do this, but there are other ways.
That nLite is awesome dreamliner77, thanks for letting me know about it. I have created a SP2 bootable XP disc and also included the SATA drivers. I hope it works. I have taken out a few programs too, like MSN explorer and WMP 8. In the area where you can install hotfixes I put WMP9.exe in there, hope I did that correctly.

I ordered Maxtor's 300GB SATA HD w/16MB cache and NCQ. I will post the results when it comes. LordOfLA says that I do not needs any drivers to install a SATA drive as the boot drive. So I will first try to install XP with my normal XP disc. I'll post the results and what happened in a few days when the drive gets here.

Thanks for all your help everyone, I really appreciate it!
I had problems with my asus board with sata in the end i just cleared out all my IDE hdd, for if one was present the board always seemed to pick it over the sata ones. I did not know asus had released a new bios i am still using the modded 1007 uber bios in mine. I do have to f6 and stick a floppy in to you my serial ata on install. As for nlite i always got problems with it when i tried to intergrate the drivers.
On a final note if you have got a slipstreamed xp disk with sp the version of media player is 9 not 8 as the service pack upgrades that.
You could have just editted your previous post for the morning instead of posting and posting and posting.

nLite didn't always work for me either. So I am waiting for the next version to give it a shot.
ShepsCrook said:
You could have just editted your previous post for the morning instead of posting and posting and posting.

What do you mean posting and posting and posting? I'm not, dork.

ShepsCrook said:
nLite didn't always work for me either. So I am waiting for the next version to give it a shot.

Well I made the disc, used an XP boot file and burned it, and it appears to work. Maybe you don't know what your doing. Perhaps you should spend less time disecting people's posts like a nerd and spend more time at productive things.
OK well I successfully installed and I'm booting from a SATA drive. I noticed that during the BIOS screen before the windows XP CD was even read the new SATA drive showed up. I don't know if it's working now because of nLite or because I have updated my BIOS, but I think it's the later.

Anyhow, nLite is great, I installed windows and left a few useless things out!

While integrating SATA drivers, did u use the
SATA link driver or SATA raid driver
Even if I dont use a RAID array, is it ok to integrate both drivers


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