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Assistance for Mainframeguy

I received a phone call from Mainframeguy at around 10pm asking for details of when he logged off of the irc channel.

Reason being is his house was burgled while he was out working but left his computer idle on IRC -if he can get an approximate time to the police it may aid their investigation.

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13:18 Friday Feb 13 2009 - is what it shows on mine

13:18 -!- Mainframeguy [n=xxxxxx@xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx.co.uk] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]

i know what he's going through i had it happen to me :(


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Well that sucks!... i hope they catch the POS! hopefully they did not take many of his items :(


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06:18:46 -!- Mainframeguy [n=wrighton@87-194-40-41.bethere.co.uk] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
I am Mountain Standard Time (GMT-7) we do not do DST.


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thanks guys! The police took a lot of persuading to accept this evidence, they made me smile when they asked if the IRC server was a
! ;)

Given my user name it really seemed amusing - but perhaps my humour is warped :smoker:

Off to post a thread about small format notebooks versus laptops for replacement (need to buy pre-owned though :( )...

PS The other amusing news is that they stole three laptops, one webbook, and one Nintendo DS of which one laptop was premium and full working order (mine), one was absolutely borked and had no hard drive, one was secured BIOS level and from RUSSIA (cyrillic character set password I am guessing), and one donated to the meeting("church") I attend but as yet unattended to.

So they may have been professional thieves - but they were no geeks! Though they did leave behind the shiny Tosh Satellite with borked cache memory - which has been fingerprinted (we'll see, they moved it but I suspect were gloved). Also thanks to OSNN the CCTV footage from the street I live in only needs to be searched for a three hour window and not seven now...
I hope they get caught, nothing more dirty than someone who just takes whatever they want because they're too stupid or lazy to work to get it for themselves. In the future you may want to look at some recovery software similar to this (which is free btw). Good luck.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
PS - back online - thanks to my daughter being kind enough to offer me usage of her Athlon XP 3000 running Suse! It may not be my friendly Ubuntu, but hey - time to adapt and it keeps her "on maint" and helps me keep my KDE hand in....

I think I'll shoot for a new sig to cheer myself up...

Now - where is GIMP ;) A man's gotta know his limitations - so perhaps a sig request post is in order too... Off to hunt that thread down...

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