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Assistance concerning AV Programmes


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I have been told by my ISP that Broadband is now available for my area. This system will be 'always on' and not dialup. I have decided because of this to upgrade my security on my computer.

I have installed Sunbelt Firewall-AVG Free-Windows Defender and Spybot. Is this sufficient or is it to much or not enough and will these programmes slow down my computer? I also understand that the router supplied has a firewall.

Thanks for any help given.


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have not used subelt - so cant say - all the other stuff should be enough, would also suggest hijackthis! , this will show you and enable you to stop things from starting when your pc starts :)


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You can use Windows Defender to enable/disable startup items.

My opinion: Windows Defender is enough. There is no need for a second malware only application. Most good AV products also check for malware now.

I have no opinion on the AV program, though.


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Thanks to all for that information, much appreciated. I think I will stay with what I have at the moment as I have paid for the better programes and see how it goes.


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