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Assigning bandwidth for home LAN


el mafioso
Im having some trouble here getting to configure well QoS ( lack of knowledge ) for my home LAN.
I currently use ICS in windows XP ( my computer ) and 3 or more computers behind me, on one computer ( my dads ) he wants to listen to winamp radio ( www.shoutcast.com ) but since im always downloading something, he can't listen to it flawlesly, since he gets all the time "buffering" message, the home network is 100mbit, but, the internet connection is a cable modem, 40k down, 16k up.
So i was wondering if he wants to listen to radio, to steal me some bandwidth, without having me to configure ( emule, kazaa, whatever ) to download at a lower rate.

Every pc in my network uses win XP pro.

Hope you understand my situation :huh:

Thanks in advance
I definately understand, you're not the first one to ask. And your failure to configure QoS to make it work is also understandable since nothing you do to the QoS settings will do the slightest bit of difference. Yeap, it's true. QoS isn't even used unless you are part of a domain with a QoS enabled Win2k domain controller, which you aren't. So the only way to let your dad listen to radio is to make your programs limit their speed individually, providing they support it. Otherwise there's nothing you can do. Sorry.


el mafioso
oof, now mi dad got the thingy, and he startes downloading every streamable thing possible...grrr. Regarding QoS, its a bit tricky, but understandable, i thought QoS assigned some % from the NIC speed for services that needed that, for example remote desktop..
thx all
QoS assigns a maximum limit that can be reserved for a QoS capable program. You can still use all the bandwidth if no QoS app is running.

But like I said, it doesn't matter since you're not in a W2k domain. QoS isn't used.

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