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assign keys on keyboard


Argentinean Dogo
Hi all,
my girlfriend gave me a keyboard she got from a Compaq PC (cause mine looks like a pizza box),and it has some extra keys (volume, printer, cd player control,etc) so my questions is:
is there any way to make those keys work on my pc, cause obviosly they dont work with only pluging the keyboard,so are there a program, driver or anything else that could make that?.


.:: FTPAlex ::.
you could also find out if she has a CD or Floppy disk which has the Keyboard Drivers on it? I also have a keyboard with extra keys but the Drivers dont work properly with Windows XP even though they are suposedly Windows XP Compatible :(.. kept making my computer freeze :(

But anyways, yea.. ask your gf if she has any discs which may contain the keyboard drivers :)

Hope this helps and i hope you have better luck with your drivers than i did with mine :D

Sincerly Alex :cool:


Argentinean Dogo
Well Alex i found some drivers in the net, but had the same luck as you, it doesnt work right with xp, some keys do ,some do not.


.:: FTPAlex ::.
unlucky dude.. its annoying when its like that innit :p

Have you tried all the extra keys without the drivers? I can get some keys working you see without having to install anything extra but there are some keys which i would like to use but wont work because of the drivers either not being compatible or not being installed :(. What keyboard is it that you have? Vivanco?

Sincerly Alex

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