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assign dhcp addresses based on OU membership


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anyone know if it's possible, in win server 2003, to assign dhcp addresses based on group membership?

when users VPN in, i want them to be assigned an ip address within a specified block depending on whether they are a member of one group or another.

for example, if you are in the IT ou, you get an ip in the range of to but if you are in the Sales ou you get an ip from the range of to



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You can assign term serv users an IP address using AD under the "Dial-in" tab of the user's profile (Assign static).


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Oh, i see what you mean. Hmm, well, that would work but that is too granular. Is there a way to assign dynamic ip's from a range, rather than doing it manually for every user?


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These workstations that they VPN in from, are the workstations apart of the domain or are they standalone (workgroup)?

If so, when they dial in it should connect as workstation.DOMAIN

You could assign a reservation using that MAC address.

As for assigning a range. Depends on the VPN solution.

For instance, I use a Nortel based solution and in the config for the VPN setup I assigned range

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