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4 Jul 2003
Anyone heard of or using an ASRock board? Any comments to make about them.

I'm thinking of upgrading to a Core 2 Duo Desktop with the;

ASRock 775I65G R2.0 SKT 775 865G AGP onboard VGA 5.1 channel audio mATX

says it takes the Core 2 Duo, and will take the 2gb of RAM im wanting to feed it...

And it'l be a nice 64-bit desktop :)
As I recall, ASRock is the value division of ASUS boards..
I am running an ASRock Dual SATA2 board 939. Something like that. It's an Nforce4 board and I have to say, it's very good for the money. Stable, lots of features, and tech support was pretty quick. I'd recommend them for anyone who is on a budget. I'd buy them again.
Have only heard good things about them.

Wish I had bought that dual 939 MB instead of my ECS.
ASRock is Asus low-end brand. Despite that they bang out some amazing kit for the price.
I have one in my computer, an AGP/PCI-E board that brought me into the modern era of graphics cards. I've only had one problem, and I don't know if it was specifically the board's fault or not. My M-Audio Revolution 7.1 wouldn't work in one of the PCI slots, so I swapped places between it and a USB card and it worked fine.

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